Topic outline

  • Week 1: What is Open? What is an Open Textbook?

    September 23 - 27, 2013

    Facilitator: Mary Burgess


    There are many layers when thinking about Open and Open Textbooks. In this first week of the workshop, we'll begin by peeling those layers back, starting with what Open actually means in the context of education. We'll then move on to looking at what an Open Textbook is. We've provided you with some resources to check out, and we ask that you post in the forum to talk to other participants about your experiences with openness. 

    On Thursday, Sept 26th, at 10am Pacific time (check your time zone), we'll be hosting a synchronous session in BlackBoard Collaborate at the following link: We encourage you to join us to learn a bit more about the topics of Openness and Open Textbooks, meet some of the other participants in the course, ask questions, and share your experiences with openness, good and bad.  


    • Describe "Open" in the context of education
    • Describe an Open Textbook