Topic Name Description
File Course Syllabus

Link to download syllabus

File Moodle Orientation Handout

Link to download Moodle Orientation handout

File Two Sample Discussions with Marginalia

pdf file with students' discussions (identifiers removed)

File Slides from Marginalia Session

Click to download slides from the workshop on  using Marginalia with assigned readings

File Animal School

Downloads pdf file for "Animal School" allegory

File Guidelines for Discussing Readings Online (click here to download handout)

Link to " Discussing Assigned Readings Online in Educ 428"

What is Giftedness? Ask a "Gifted" Individual File Click to download guidelines and consent forms for the assignment: Conversation With a [Potentially] Gifted Individual

Download Conversation assignment.

What is Giftedness? Ask the "Experts" File Reading option #1: Coleman & Cross (2005), "Definitions and Models of Giftedness"

Downloads Coleman & Cross chapter

File Reading option #2: Kaufman & Sternberg, "Conceptions of Giftedness" (file is big so may be slow to load)

Download Kaufman & Sternberg reading

File BC Ministry 2013 Policy on Gifted Students and Their Education

3 pages from Special Ed Manual

Characteristics of Giftedness File Reading option #1, Reis, Sullivan and Renzulli, "Characteristics of the Gifted" (file is big so may be slow to load)

Assigned reading: Characteristics of the Gifted

File Reading option #2: Piechowski (1991) , "Emotional development and emotional giftedness"

Download Piechowski reading