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Faculty development

VanLeeuwen, C.A., Veletsianos, G., Belikov, O. Johnson, N. (2020).  Institutional perspectives on faculty development for digital education in Canada. The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 46(2), 1-20.

Future of Higher Education
  • Canadian Digital Learning Research Association - conducts annual surveys (since 2017) on Online and Digital Learning in Canada (with regional focus information) and hosted some interesting webinars last year (2020)

Open Educational Practices (OEP)

Bali, M., Cronin, C. and Jhangiani, R.S., 2020. Framing Open Educational Practices from a Social Justice Perspective. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2020(1), p.10. DOI:

Bali, M., Cronin, C., Czerniewicz, L., DeRosa, R., & Jhangiani, R. (Eds.) (2020). Open at the Margins: Critical Perspectives in Open Education

Cronin, C. (2017). Openness and Praxis: Exploring the Use of Open Educational Practices in Higher Education. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning18(5).

Veletsianos, G. (2012-2019) Networked Scholarship and Faculty / Scholar Use of Social Media.

Open education and Social Justice/Equity
  • check out the map in this article - Lambert, S. and Czerniewicz, L., 2020. Approaches to Open Education and Social Justice Research. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2020(1), p.1. DOI:
  • Maha Bali is a highly respected name in the field of Open (& for good reason). Baha, M. et al (Eds.), 2020. Open at the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Open Education. Accessed: 20 Jan. 2021. Available: 
Professional Development
Social - Connected - Collaborative Learning

Garrison, D.R. (2016)  Thinking Collaboratively: Learning in a Community of Inquiry. London: Routledge - available as PDF from Uof Athabasca -

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