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Group: FLO MicroCourse: Micro-Credentials in the BC Context OER (March 2021) (Micro-Credentials in the BC Context OER (March 2021))
Glossary: Micro Credential Terms


"A digital representation of achieving a learning outcome. Electronic badges include meta-data on the evidence of learning and information about the evaluation criteria and sponsoring institution. A type of micro-certification."


I am interested to read about PSIs across BC that are developing/promoting Badges for competency-based courses. A post today in Academica profiles developments at Lethbridge U about 

 'badges' for career-oriented/work transition credentials. It would be helpful to know what sector infrastructure (and participating endorsement bodies) Colleges and Universities are working with in Canada to develop these transferable, portable skills. There is a real opportunity for us to collaborate so that we do not duplicate across institutions. LMF



"A credential issued by an institution that contain fewer courses than a degree and a  smaller domain of knowledge.  Must by approved by a governing authority."


"demonstrated mastery or competency in specific knowledge, skills or processes that can be measured against a set of accepted standards"


"Learnable, measurable and / or observable knowledge and skill-sets gained"



"A degree represents satisfactory accomplishments within an accepted body of knowledge"Degrees can be conferred by an institution and are regulated by a regional authority


Learning Outcome

"that which a learner is expected to know, understand, or be able to do after successful completion of a planned process of learning"


"legal permission, typically granted by a government agency, to allow an individual to perform certain regulated tasks or occupations. Licenses are based on pre-determined, standardized criteria, involving educational programs of study, assessments, and/or work experience and are time-limited requiring periodic review and renewal."



"A massive open online course (MOOC) is a model for delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, with no limit on attendance. MOOCs are increasingly used as vehicles to deliver micro-credentials."



Prior Learning & Assessment Recognition - a recognized process where a learner can show their knowledge in a specific area - and receive credit - that was obtained formally, informally or experimentally.