Sharing & Feedback Forum (Triads)

A troika triad with one person's back turned; all standingWe'll spend time in this forum participating in a triad activity. Steps 3 and 4 of the Activity Packet have all the instructions and timing.

Consultants, here are some prompts to help guide your advice:
    • Think about how the client's chosen structure matches up with the purpose for their meeting/teaching/facilitation situation - can you offer up other LS structures which might also work?
    • Have you used the particular LS before and have tips and riffs to share? Please do!
    • Look at the client's draft invitation. Play it through a bit. Can you help them sharpen or focus it if needed?
    • What else can you offer the client in terms of their situation and using Liberating Structures?

Remember, all three conversations will be happening in your triad's forum at the same time. You may visit otherĀ  triads' forums to peek in on their conversations if you'd like but please only give Marginalia (sidebar) comments (not forum posts) if you'd like to chime into the consultant discussions in other triad forums. (Facilitators will do this as well.)

Photo used with permission from the first meetup of the NYC Liberating Structures Group

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