This is where you'll share and review practice stories for Steps One and Two.

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Observations so far 3 Holly MacDonald
STEP TWO ACTIVITY (A): Story Swap Review 7 donna dowling
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Let’s swap stories! 0 Denise Withers
Step 1 Jan's story 2 Jan O'Brien
Step 1. Greg's skunk rescue story 0 Greg Helten
Garth's Story 1 Stephanie Hewson
Step 1: Donna's story 5 Taruna Goel
Step 1 - Maggie's Story 4 Maggie Ellwyn
Eric's story 1 donna dowling
Step One: Stephanie's story 0 Stephanie Hewson
Step 1: Brock's Story 2 Rebecca Taylor
Step One Activity: Laurene's Story - My Garden of Eden Gift 2 Rebecca Taylor
Step 1 - Dayo's Story 0 Dayo Adesina
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Denise's Practice Story 1 Maggie Ellwyn
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Jamie's Story 5 Taruna Goel
Step 1: Leonne's Story 1 Arley Cruthers
Steven's story 1 Arley Cruthers
Step One Activity: Rebecca's Story 1 Steven Bishop
Step One Activity: Emily's Story 1 Laurene Enns
The others Denise’s story! 1 Denise Nielsen
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Tamara's Story 1 Denise Nielsen
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Arley's Story 2 Denise Nielsen
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Taruna's Story 1 Melissa A.
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Doug's story 3 Melissa A.
STEP ONE ACTIVITY: Beth's story 1 Jamie Billingham
Step one activity: Melissa's story 1 Tamara MacNeil