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Partnerships are very important for the synergy.  I think it will be one of the policy decision on the master plan. pan Canadian e-learning research can be driven by having a good master plan and it should promote both academics and the people in the industry for the research. On the other hand I like to mention about the concept of  “Marketing” also related to this. Though this is not a kind of Profit driven we can use some concepts like “positioning (how we can position pan Canadian e-learning research on customers (general public?) Mind), segmenting….Key areas should be identified and integration of this areas should put as key factors of the priority list.


I Like the word of “competency” because once we are taking about KSF(Key Successive Factors) in the organizations .e-learning can be considered as one of the KSF.In management we are taking about the competition.To get edge over your competitors you have to have competencies or KSFs .There is a need to  take e-learning into the private sector. If your firm can incorporate e-learning and it is a learning organization in the private sector then you can get Strategic Advantage or you can open strategic window than your competitors. you suggested comparative study will bring better results.I think researchers can use quantitative as well as qualitative data.(some time I wonders some qualitative researches come up with very good conclusions)..Triangulation of research should be the way.e-learning and research of e-learning should be number one in ICT and e-learning policy in the country. Percentage wise if you invest 100 Canadian $ for e-learning at least 10% should spend on research and development(like you invest 10% from your Gross National Income(GNP) for R&D).If you can benchmark some country then it is easy for you to have a comparative analysis.(in the future other countries will benchmark Canada!!).And more importantly I think there is a role of “promotion” which can play a good role in E-learning .In promotion we can use the AIDA model.





To make you potential customers (in e-learning we can say people who do not aware about the subject) you can create their awareness by using promotions(advertising, sales promotion, personal selling etc,etc)…then for  interest, desire and action different promotional campaigns can be used. This is very important in every industry. Especially if you want to have a proper plan (or business plan) you need this.


Hello Jumani,

Yes  it will take time(introducing ICT and expecting fully online environment ) once we are considering about developing countries…then the responsibility of intellectuals will come in to play. Human element is very important in this sense..resources should manage well with proper planning….to curtail the time period (distance to fully e-learning environment)I think the role of intellectuals (professors like you) is very important. This is a much needed demand in this decade…development of the country depends on the development of ICT as well as development of research on theses sectors….academics, intellectuals together with entrepreneur should join hand with government(partnerships) for this journey.


E-learning is important to Canada because ,knowledge is an asset to all the people. If you are in a private sector you can use e-learning for training and development of your organization. That’s why some people taking about learning organizations. If it is education then e-learning always helps you to share and produce (generate) knowledge.

As a developed country Canada can be a benchmark for other courtiers in e-learning. Especially in research.E-learning policy should go in line with ICT policy.