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I suppose to finish one instructional video on marketing mix next month. I need some interesting promotions to put. This is for my University purpose.What is the best palce to get some clips?   …..


Hello! I am Nalin Abeysekera. Sri Lankan. Lecturer at open University of Sri Lanka.I am working as a instructional designer for the faculty. I did my degree in marketing and reading my masters also from marketing. I had over 2 years of practical experience in marketing in the industry like to promote e-learning in developing countries like sri lanka by using my knowledge and practice in marketing.

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hello! I am Nalin Abeysekera.Sri Lankan,Lecturer at Open University in Sri Lanka.My subject areas are marketing and HRM.I like to market the concept of E-learning throughout Sri Lanka since it is a quite new subject to us.

We have to discuss about the problems facing in developing countries like sri lanka, Nepal, Maldives. Because concepts like E-learning still new to them. They are always having problems with infrastructure, resources etc. If these countries can have a model of one particular developed country and if that  develop country can look after them it is more important

what are the modifications we should used once moving to countries like sri lanka. though the litreacy rate is over 90%, still in IT sector concentrated on urban areas.and aslo awarness in IT secor still minimal.