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Thanks for sharing that article, Khairunnisa! This rubric idea stood out for me. We've used this in other FLO courses and it is really a useful tool, both for guiding and self-assessing participation. 

Provide a rubric or a checklist (try using the rubric tool in your campus LMS; it really speeds up grading) to clearly communicate the criteria for success


That computer is very familiar to me! I love the humour in this prompt, and I imagine younger students would be very wide-eyed at that bulky BEIGE machine! (And meanwhile this old fart is wide-eyed at bringing a device to the bathtub!) 

I wonder if with this question, although riveting, you might fall into the "then what" trap. What happens after everyone shares their thoughts on the future? "Tell us", while inclusive (much better than "tell me"!) can sometimes be a show stopper. 

Those are my immediate thoughts but let's see what others offer!

Doug, we often neglect to ask our learners that very important question!

In longer courses having a "finger on the pulse" meta discussion where everyone is prompted to offer feedback about their course experience and also to ask questions about the course activities is always appreciated. 

I'm glad you mentioned atmosphere -- often referred to as tone. When it comes to fostering good dialogue, it's not always what we ask but how we ask it! Thank you for the reminder to also look for that in the prompts we share in the Sharing & Feedback forum!


For some of you the the Creation Phase is well underway! There are already two posts in the Sharing & Feedback forum inviting your feedback. (I noticed a couple posts in Sharing & Feedback that were more about creating prompts rather than actual prompts, so I popped those into the Open Forum for further discussion.)

Welcome newcomers! Are you just now tuning in and wondering what these phases are about? Check the Activity Packet. It won't take long to catch up.

Your comments about prompts that might cause a lackluster response churned up some memories! I think we've all experienced these traps one way or another -- prompts that are too:

  • vague
  • obvious
  • predictable
  • assignment-like
  • superficial

Have you noticed the comments in the margins as you read forum posts? I posted a note about Marginalia Annotation in the Open Forum, which I see has already been annotated! 

News: I'd like to extend a big welcome to Rachel Loganberg who has offered to co-facilitate this MicroCourse! I'm so grateful for the collaboration!

Sylvia and Rachel


Lately I've been intrigued by hypothetical questions as discussion prompts. In my search today I came across this example:

What if garbage collection no longer existed? 

Gosh, doesn't that touch on just about every aspect of the way we conduct ourselves on this planet? What an interesting way at getting at a multi-layered curriculum that might otherwise be organized in a more transmissive way.  

If I find a good resource on crafting hypothetical questions I'll add it to the Tips & Resources page. If you come across resources during this research phase be sure to share them!