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Hi Nancy and others,
This is my 3rd Scope Seminar.

I am a Registered Psychologist, Academy of American Dance/Movement Therapist Registered, and a Registered Canadian Art therapist who has been involved in learning and teaching online since 2003. I am presently teaching on contract with U of Lethbridge online in Health Psychology.

I'm also about to take my last course in the Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology with Athabasca University -- in September -- and have been reading in this area in preparation for the course.

I like these seminars -- as I am learning with community. I am also very busy and I'm really wanting to stay more grounded in do-able ideas for online teaching and communications of all kinds.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Hi Ke and others,
Thanks for the jump start and the links. I have the book already and have just started getting into it. I am familiar with many of the concepts -- various styles of learning, but so far I am looking forward to how you are putting your ideas together and more.

Thanks Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Hi Curtis and all,
Though your quote rings true, change is inevitable. Instead of asking, for example, which side of change does each of us choose -- to move on or to stay, or perhaps, an alternative, do we experience more things in order to understand and move forward, perhaps, we could ask ourself, who am I as a particle part in the change wave? I like to think myself as having my own responsibility in the whole of what is happening. There are many changes that are happening already and many people who are making them. I ask myself -- where do I want to put my energy and talents, how do I find the will and inspriation to contribute what I am able to bring to the whole, and the wisdom to let go of what is not working and the faith to embrace anew. In my life time, there have been so many changes, and in the future, it is the wise use of technology within diverse disciplines and contexts, that I envision the challenge. Thanks for all the super posts that people have contributed. Jo Ann
Hi Nik,
I see that many people have joined -- but how do people get more involved. In the courses I either take and teach -- people vary a lot in their comfort levels.
I suppose you can tell them a lot that the space is their space -- modeling other people works for me, at first, and then, I find my own style and develop beyond -- if creative energy is there. Jo Ann