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Hi Jeffery,
Yes that subtitle, indeed, is there in our Multimembership topic.
I'm picking up some of our balancing for the social networker include: 1) Skills to cope, 2) using our tags, 3) techniques for organization of memberships and knowledge management (KM), 4) using blogs as a process place for integration and re-processing, and 5) employing discretion and gateways.

Others anyone?

I think that many teachers and lifelong learners and others, are spending a lot more time online. We don't really know all the consequences of so much time online -- aside from having less time offline, more people having wrist injuries for mousing and typing without good ergonomics for job posture, etc.

One of my blogs I read this morning written by a grade 7 teacher -- a fellow student from the massively subscribed to CCK08 course (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course with George Siemens and Stephen Downes), showed videos similar to the ideas expressed in "1984" book. I think there is so much happening online that one needs clones -- and one of the videos of zombie like followers -- reminded me of clones -- oops -- a little to close for comfort maybe. I think that we can all grow, but balance is key -- too much of any one diet does not a healthy person make.

At any rate, I think this Scope conference is great. Cheers, Jo Ann


Hi Nellie,

I also was told by someone who teaches online recently that we should bear in mind that GOOGLE warehouses all data in the US and it is thus available to Homeland Security. Also, Google mines the data and may even sell it to other data miners. This is probably not an issue, but just take it as information.

Does that make a difference to some areas of discussion?
Jo Ann

Hi Valerie,
Great to hear about the @ONEwebinars and how they work for you.

After I graduate from the Athabasca Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology in December (hopefully), I will want to join and participate more in some webinars.

One of the things that helps with multimemberships is that I hope to develop some short word documents -- and store them -- so that when someone has a question in another membership group -- I have some things already prepared -- that I can insert into a brief personal note either as copy and past or available by e-mail if they are interested in it. Because I am in many community professional memberships who don't use the internet advantages as much as the DE community, I think I need to help myself if I want to manage a leadership role. Organizations have their own readiness. I want to move ahead, but also give bact to others. Have a good day. Jo Ann

Dear Colby,
I like your communication style -- and I think if we have never met a person -- but only through text -- it is very important to make ourselves visible. Here are two preliminary thoughts.
1)Embody the text -- One can note one's own and others style -- through some descriptions and questions. I like to get a feel for the person and their ideas: is it grounded, centered, off center, loose, tight, verbose, humourous, gathering, zapping, etc. and are my own responses what I want to communicate. This unfortunately is a bit time consuming -- but likely shows an Emotion Intelligence (EQ) to the reader -- and emotion state is important not just the ideas.

2) What are the parameter cues in the text? Does the person have an essential immediate need, or can the message wait? Do I have the time and the inclination to answer?
Jo Ann