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lol Thanks Leonne,


Very similar process as grant proposal writing.

I was thinking of it more as a way to assess the completeness of an instructional or curriculum design project. So more project assessment than the individual designer. 

(waiting for that clarity)



Hi folks,

Having a busier week that anticipated - here is a first run at a rubric for Instructional Design - not quite the assignment but have been thinking about this for awhile.


I'm following you on twitter.. man that still sounds stalkerish lol

The Google social graph api looks kinda cool. Thanks, had forgotten about it until I read your intro.

Hope to run into you during this course,


by Jamie Billingham -
Hi Lisa,

I'm also interested in visual communication and am currently quite enamored with QR Codes and the ways they can be used to provide more visual information for folks.

Hope we bump into one another on here from time to time.


Living in the 'wack which is about an hour east (towards Toronto) of Vancouver BC..

I'm interested in this course for a couple of reasons. Data, data, data everywhere.. But how to make sense of it, how to use it to engage, enlighten.. darn ran out of "en" words.

I have been poking at Many Eyes for a while and more recently have been looking at NodeXL mostly because of an interest in social network analysis, learning communities and learning systems.

I will consider this course a success if I'm still engaged at the end of it.

Working as community engagement coordinator with local First Nations and working with non-prof/companies to increase their online engagement.

Will be participating mostly via twitter @jamiebillingham, my blog and maybe diigo. Also taking DS106 (digital storytelling MOOC starting this week)

My metaphor for this course and maybe my life right now lol is attached... or embedded depending on your browser.