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one of the most flexible credentials is a general studies degree...many institutions offer something of this sort, very flexible, lends itself well to prior learning.... but not everyone wants a degree...what about options around a general studies certificate, diploma (associate degree), undergrad degree?


Polite request, please, colleagues:

Please explain the abbreviations for those of us not in the know. It'd help me (at least) make better/faster sense of the correspondence.

Thank you, Chris


"Conscious incompetence" is such an interesting and uncomfortable step to be on. It provides the motivation to step/crawl/drag oneself to the next level.

No stranger to "alternative/non-tradition" learning (my undergrad is through Athabasca U), I like the OER concept (as I believe I understand it).

Already passed info along to my boss...

As one of the leaders in the eCampusAlberta (eCA) consortium, SAIT is already an early adopter in different educational models.

Cheers, Chris


For those of us just starting to wrap our heads around the concept and implications, would it be possible to pull together (perhaps at the end of each week) a summary of the main points (pros and cons) of the discussion.

Also, is there one defining document that discusses the concept, the business model, and the pros/cons of OERu?

Thank you, Chris (Horgan)


I am at the "conscious incompetence" step on this topic so I plan to follow my own advice: be quiet, and listen (or in this case, read).

Fascinating concept, though.

Cheers, Christine (Chris) Horgan,
Curriculum Co-ordinator,
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