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Thanks Patience - this is helpful - my takeaways:

- teach the tools
- sit in a circle
- think aloud
- how did that feel?
- surface the why of what I am doing
- being comfortable with facilitating in discomfort
- sharing vulnerability

And you've nicely backed up Briana's proposal. I now have much a clearer idea of how this session will look. Thank you both for your guidance.

I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to be having these conversations in this space after the course is 'finished' :)



Thanks for your thoughts on this Briana - I'm going back & forth between using your recommended approach (treat the time as a Q&A and show participants how the tool works) and the alternative approach of structuring the hour in a way that models how a university lecture could be reconstructed as a series of online activities.

Ideally I'd like to achieve both objectives - but not sure if that's realistically achievable in an hour .

Your idea to couple with a comprehensive how-to guide is a good one - will allow them to take the synchro learning experience further on their own.



Hi All - thanks for your thoughtful and thought-provoking feedback. This forum (and course) will remain a rich knowledge repository informing future synchro-enabled courses.

Thanks also for sharing my enthusiasm for (what I'm now calling) learnersourced open course design online - it looks like Synchro 2.0 is an endeavour that will have to wait due to limited capacity. 

That said, I do have a question - If you had to design a one-hour Zoom synchro session to help university faculty (i) get comfortable with using tools in Zoom, and (ii) think about ways to deliver their own courses via Zoom - what sequence of activities would you put together for them? 



Wow thanks Elena - and thank you for your engagement and contributions - I learned from you. I'm sorry I missed your facilitation session.



I agree - excellent ideas here. 

You know what would be cool - is if we could co-develop a Synchro 2 course all online and made it available as an open educational resource. 

Would that be possible?