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A response to the first two questions combined: One thought is to see if there are a few credentials that are quite commonly available worldwide and devote some early OERu efforts on those, particularly those credentials that appear to have a good base of OER in their domains. This is something of a bottom-up approach but it could provide an opportunity to learn where the challenges are in developing credentials and frameworks, and how institutions or jurisdictions are responding.

There's a fairly classic consideration in the development of systems for collecting and analyzing data (beyond routine transactional functions), and it is this: what are the questions we want to put to the system? Who will be asking, and how will the answers be used? These questions are core to the discussion of analytics and get us focused on what we are doing, as well as why and how. Many issues flow from that simple set of questions.

There are comments related to this sprinkled throughout the discussion, but I would propose we share our ideas in one place for consideration and discussion.
Excellent point about the iterative relationship between tracking of data and the behaviour of the tracked. When people know they're being tracked, and the results of the tracking mean something of importance to them...obviously they will do what they can to get the best results.