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Wow, Tara, this is a super-useful "hierarchy of easiness" for choosing tech tools to use with online students. I wish I'd had this (or had the brainwave to develop it) years ago. Thanks so much! 


Thanks, Leonne! This is my first FLO MicroCourse & I agree with you about the length: it's just short enough to be unintimidating, time-wise, yet long enough to actually sink your teeth into a topic. I'm sure we'll meet again in the FLO world (& maybe the UFV world as well, who knows?)

All the best



Greetings, wonderful FLO participants

My clock shows 5:30 pm & for us, that's the signal to chill the beer glasses & put the pizza in the oven. 

It's been a GREAT week for me, getting to know you all a bit better & looking at "community" from new angles. I've thought about my name; doodled my past, present & future in tree form; wrote a micro-novel based on 5 random images; & jotted down some ideas that could become part of a remote learner's checklist for staying in touch. For such a small group, we sure generated a lot of ideas!

I'm off to celebrate Friday but I'll be logging in over the weekend to re-read some posts & check for new ones. Thanks to my wonderful co-facilitators, Colleen & Sylvia, & thanks to all of you for making this week feel like a cozy, fun, & invigorating community.



hi Beth & SylviaR,

Beth, your 5-card Flickr photo essay really looked like fun! I played your voice-over & then played it again with the sound off & tried my own storyline. So this was a VERY low-tech way of doing the exercise but I found it really fun & easy & it took me only about 15 minutes to come up with a story (see below).

I love the idea of using a'random image generator'. Adobe Spark may indeed be a bit complex for students but what about a random image generator website?  Then students would only need to know how to copy & paste the link, or (at the very least) do a screen capture.

Anyway, here's my story based on Beth's series of 5 images:

Slide 1. Martina, an experienced online educator, felt the ground quiver slightly as she watched a strange vehicle land silently in her horse pasture.

Slide 2. A young man came out of the vehicle. He called himself "Trtulr'q". Although Martina found his name impossible to pronounce, she fell immediately in love with him.

Slide 3. Trtulr'q invited Martina to a romantic picnic & introduced her to a food which he translated as "sauteed green daisies". Martina ate the food, not realizing that doing so would commit her to a lifelong relationship with Trtulr'q. 

Slide 4. Through mind control, Trtulr'q convinced Martina to re-locate to his community. Together they endured a long space flight, surviving only on a succulent plant reminiscent of aloe vera.

Slide 5. Trtulr'q's home world was not as bad as Martina had feared but it took her some time to get used to red lawns. Fortunately, due to the wonders of technology, she was able to maintain her online teaching gig.


Thanks for the feedback, Leonne.

What do you think about the tag cloud appearing on the home page? I find it kind of fun to click on tag words & see who tagged them. But we wondered if this might make the home page too "busy." 

What do you think about the Situating Ourselves block appearing on the right side of the home page? Do you think it helps or hinders the community feel?