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So many questions ...

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by Barbara Mauter -
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You are most welcome.  No worries. A hint for photos, in BlackBoard one has the ability to "search" for a photo by topic (found under the "Mashups"). I often use this search. I would believe most other LMS  have a similar option.

Oh, I had not meant to discourage you, I just thought it could complicate the grading. I do so like the option to grade with a rubric, as it seems to streamline my grading process. What you might do is separate the questions, maybe use one in a Journal or Blog and the other as a Discussion Board post. This way you can simplify the grading process, and still learn what your students are thinking.

Yes, please do feel free to use the question, that is why I shared. I will tell you a bit about what happened in my course last week, when I posted a similar question about course expectations... oh my! One of my students wrote enough information that he was hoping I had "planned" to cover that would encompass 7 or more courses! YIKES! I did respond to him for all to read, about his extensive list of topics/ areas of Native American studies he "hoped" I would be addressing this semester!  I mentioned he had really set the bar quite high! I would do what I could and referred him to the listing of references I had included.