Great work! A few thoughts going forward.

Great work! A few thoughts going forward.

by Denise Withers -
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Awesome job here so far! Even if you feel stuck or that you don't have anything new to add, take a shot at it. You'll be surprised how ideas can start to flow when you give them a chance.

Going forward, try to make your ideas specific and tangible - that will make it easier to translate them into practice.

Also, remember that stories describe a specific experience or solve a specific "problem". It's good to have ideas that might make up one part of a story - such as developing a persona or exploring a scenario. To maximize learning, be sure to connect that back into the complete story, as that will help learners make sense of and remember key elements. 

Finally, as you read through all the ideas, start to think about how they might support specific learning objectives you have for your practice. Is there something that jumps out as a really good fit?