1. More than just Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation is the umbrella organization which hosts Wikipedia. 

The goal of the Foundation is to develop and maintain open, wiki-based projects and to provide the full contents of those projects to the public free of charge. The Wikimedia Foundation is registered as a public charity in the US.

Not everybody realizes that Wikipedia is only ONE of more than a dozen "sister projects" hosted by the Foundation. Check out this interactive graphic to find out a little more about each project.

Briefly, these sister projects are:

  • Commons*: Free media repository
  • MediaWiki: Wiki software development
  • Meta-Wiki: Wikimedia project coordination
  • Wikibooks*: Free textbooks and manuals
  • Wikidata*: Free knowledge base
  • Wikinews: Free-content news
  • Wikiquote: Collection of quotations
  • Wikisource*: Free-content library
  • Wikispecies: Directory of species
  • Wikiversity*: Free learning tools
  • Wikivoyage*: Free travel guide
  • Wiktionary: Dictionary and thesaurus

*We may spend some time dropping into these sister projects.