5. About the additional resources

Like all of the other FLO MicroCourses, this course is designed such that you can cover the minimum amount of content and complete the minimum number of activities in 5 - 7 hours over the week. But -- & this is true for all the other MicroCourses as well -- we have hand-picked a number of additional resources, ideas, & activities that we think you might find interesting. These are optional. 

It all comes down to: how much time do you have? And where do your particular needs & interests lie? You may be in the mood to wander "down the rabbit hole", exploring some side link that catches your eye. Or you may want to jot down or bookmark a resource to follow up with later.

Some of these resources have been moved to a separate page titled Tips & Resources. You can find that on the course homepage (the Hub tab). 

rabbit in hole

Other resources have been embedded within the course content but identified with a "down the rabbit hole" icon. Again: these diversionary topics or activities are purely optional!


This is the last page in the MicroCourse Handbook.