Week 4: Overview

Creating a Screencast

What's a screencast?

Screencasts are recordings of activity on your computer screen (or mobile device) - usually screencasts are accompanied by explanatory audio.

Screencasts are created to demonstrate, to explain, to share an example(s). You can create a screencast using images pre-captured or created to highlight an idea (or event, feature, website or process.

Features of a "good" screencast

  • has a focus or clear objective
  • is short - usually 3-5 min in length
  • is clear - images are in focus and appropriate size/scale
  • audio is clear, without annoying "hisses"
  • plays in any web browser and on different platforms
  • includes a text version readable by a screenreader (accessibility issue)

Equipment required for a screencast

  • a computer or mobile device
  • a screencast recording tool (see below for ideas)
  • a way to record audio (headset with microphone, good quality built-in mic)
  • a place to store the recording so it can be linked on the website (e.g., Youtube)

Free tools to create screencasts