Week 4: Overview

Sharing Design Plans

During this final week of FLO Design, you'll be asked to share your Design Project and prototype learning activity in two ways:

  • present your design in a timed Showcase event (or equivalent screencast/video);
  • post details of your final design and prototype learning activity in a Studio Forum for others to view (and provide feedback)

Showcase Overview

We'll try to organize a number of synchronous sessions to allow participants to share their designs. The FLO Facilitators will provide information at the end of Week 3 about a proposed schedule and sign-up process.

If you can't participate in a synchronous session, try to provide a detailed description and illustratin of your project in the final Week 4 Studio Forum - consider providing a brief screencast to explain the highlights of your design.

Tips - Ideas

The following pages present some ideas and tips for presenting your final design plan.