Self-assessment Inventories

There are 3 websites you can use to clarify your values with respect to teaching and learning. Each uses a long list of multiple choice questions to ascertain your preferences. They all provide feedback and guidelines about how to interpret your scores. 

  1. Angelo & Cross’s Teaching Goals Angelo Inventory (1993)
  2. BC’s Teaching Perspectives Inventory (2001) 
  3. Grasha & Riechmann’s Teaching Style Survey (1996, first developed 1976) 

When I tried them, I found completing the questionnaires time consuming without an equivalent return in terms of insight. I ended up with a lot of information but few clues to help me integrate the details into a cohesive, useful picture of myself as a teacher.

As a work-around, I’ve created 2 self-assessment grids using major categories of teaching activities and learning goals found in these inventories.  Grid 1 crosses Angelo & Pratt’s teaching goals (1 above) with Grasha’s teaching styles (3). Grid2 crosses Pratt & Collins' teaching perspectives (2) with Grasha’s teaching styles (1 again).  

The idea is to consider to what extent various teaching styles and perspectives are effective when it comes to working towards your and your students' learning goals.