Activity Pack: Explainer Videos

Let's spend a few minutes on expectations - yours and mine - beginning with learning objectives.

I'm using the term learning objectives pretty loosely here. These are more like my hopes for you and this micro-course.

I hope that by the end of the course (or at some point after you make you way through the .pdf you have downloaded) you will be able to:

1. Recognize the different types and styles of explainer videos

2. Critically analyze different types and styles of explainer videos based on Mayer's Principles of Multimedia Design or your own good taste 

3. Draft a plan, a script, and a storyboard.

4. Create your own explainer video using the four-step process described and demonstrated in this course or a process of your own design

My real hope is that you'll create your own learning objectives/outcomes/goals.

Realistically, in an hour or a day, for five days, most of you ought to be able to get through #3.

#4 is going to be tough unless you have a really good handle on the technology.

Speaking of technology, let's move on to the technical requirements.