Activity Pack: Explainer Videos

This is is where you put it all together.

If you are using an app like Adobe Spark you may have to add the audio and graphics as you go, so the lines between production and post-production are kind of blurry. Using an app like Spark or emaze will be way less time consuming than using editing software like Camtasia. 

Speaking of - Here is my Adobe Spark demo. It was really fast to produce - under an hour - despite having to restart my computer many times. I'm not sure if the app is glitchy or if it was my wifi connection or what but I did get error messages several times and had to re-start my machine to get the app to work. 

The good news is that despite the restarted it saved everything, every time.  I don't think this is good as it could be but it kind of gets the job done, right in your browser - so no extra tech tools required (except the mic). I'll post the one I do in Camtasia, in the final forum.

If you are using a more traditional method of video production you'll be importing your audio and graphics into your software and editing the two together there. In my experience you should plan to spend between 1- 4 hours per minute, in post-production.

To give you an idea what that process looks like here's a how-to tutorial (not an explainer video) on how to edit in Camtasia.

You can use Camtasia (or other video editors) to create simple and effective animations. You can also use screen recording software (like Camtasia) to record your screen while you play a PowerPoint that you have added animation to.

In general, if you are creating a video that you can and will use for a long time, spend the extra time in an editing suite. If it's a one-off, go with an app. Whatever software or app you decide to use you'll probably be able to find loads of how-to tutorials.

Go forth and edit your video.

Go forth and conquer poster with marching owl.

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