MicroCourse Handbook

1. Introduction

FLO MicroCourses are part of the Facilitating Learning Online family of courses. Unlike the longer and more comprehensive FLO courses, MicroCourses are one week in length, single-topic, and designed to give you an immediate and practical jump on your course preparation and facilitation. 

All FLO courses are built on a foundation of social constructivist perspectives, infused with a recognition of the importance of evidence-based practices, the power of shared reflection and inquiry, and the need for personally meaningful learning experiences. 

A MicroCourse is a learning community that incorporates these qualities and expectations:

  • Each participant has knowledge and experiences to contribute
  • There is willingness to share
  • There is a mutual exchange in the peer review process -- you receive feedback and you also give feedback

MicroCourse facilitators volunteer their time and expertise; this is an opportunity to practice and advance the activity design and facilitation skills they learned in FLO courses!