Introduction to Micro-Credentials

4. Where Do Micro Credentials Fit?

micro certification fit


Micro credentials are really about specific skills and competencies that are in demand so the credential is smaller than a certificate - which is why the term "micro-certification" is often used.

Micro-credentials can be stacked to result in a bigger certification


Key stakeholders for formal education:

  • learners,
  • employers,
  • providers and
  • policy makers

(Oliver, 2019).  For micro-credentials the stakeholders are arguably the same.

Surfnet (2019)  a Dutch organization lists the stakeholders for digital badges as:

  • badge holder,
  • badge issuer 
  • enquirer (assessor) (Surfnet, 2019)

The typical learner is well educated (already has a degree) average age is 36 and median salary is $50,000 US. (Kato et al, 2020). Their main motivation is acquire new skills and could include extrinsic, intrinsic and practical factors (ibid).

Micro-credentials complements prior education , experience & training (ibid)

The following image from the OECD  (Kato et al) report shows how alternative credentials fit with other qualifications: