Week 1 Overview


Setting the stage...

We begin FLO by introducing/reviewing some important topics in online teaching and learning:

  • intended learning outcomes
  • building and sustaining an online learning community
  • providing feedback
Throughout the FLO workshop you'll be asked to participate in or facilitate specific online learning activities. Take time to reflect on these important topics and see how they affect the learning experience - both from a facilitator's and a participant's perspective.

During Week 1, you'll explore concepts and research associated with online facilitation, online learning and the Community of Inquiry framework. You'll begin to develop and participate in the FLO learning community. By the end of the week, you'll be connecting with the other members of your facilitation team, sharing your first "nuggets" of learning, and self-assessing your participation.

Notice what the FLO facilitators and your colleagues did this week to develop the learning community. What worked for you (e.g., features of the course itself, activities, timing, certain moments or postings)? What could have been done differently?