Case: Course Review Task Force

Case: Course Review Task Force

The mini session facilitators will lead this course review task force activity.


  • you are a member of a course review task force whose job it is to review courses and make recommendations
  • this course has been flagged for review because of poor course evaluations (both qualitative and quantitative) for the last few offerings.
  • you have been provided with a summary of the most recent course evaluation data and some comments from the current instructor. You're advised that the course evaluation data is typical of the last few offerings on questions about course content and design. However, this current round of evaluations also reveals feedback about the instructor that should be considered in your recommendations

Your Task:

  • Review all the case data provided
  • Consider the "things to think about"
  • Your mini-session facilitator(s) will provide you with further guidance, but no matter what they have in store, you should be ready to consult and reference this week's readings (and/or other resources), as appropriate, to inform the recommendations your group will make.

Your recommendations should

  • be as specific as possible with the information you've been given
  • include rationale (i.e., not just what should be done, but also why)