Blog entry by rwagasana gerald

Anyone in the world

At present, academics all over the world are fighting for sharing knowledge, sharing resources, to promote knowledge based development of people living in developing countries. The Open Educational Resources movement and many others are doing a lot for that. Many Universities and Organisations are making their resources available for all and for free, so that people from developing countries could use them in their educational purpose and get ride of digital divide between them and developed countries.
Now the great problem for these \"poor\" countries is the high cost of a good internet connection (large bandwith). Many african universities have the same bandwith as a familly smal network connection in USA and they pay 50 times more price!!!!
As long as this problem is not handled there will be a digital divide between the North and the South.
For a long time, developed countries have been watching how thousands were dying from AIDS in developing counties without any concrete reaction for help! Eventually they finished by reducing prices of their medecines, so that now the death rate felt considerably in these countries.
I think that now the same developed countries, owners of internet access, should do the same for developing countries which cannot afford to pay the high costs of broadband internet access. These developed countries should make arrangements to allow our countries to access excellent connections at reasonable prices. Only then, we\'ll can talk about the end of ACCESS DIVIDE between the North and the South.