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by emma bourassa - Saturday, 5 August 2017, 7:43 AM
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Sylvia and I just had a chat about the Moodle site, communication with participants and the participant experience. One of the items was this blog. It's a new approach for the FLO Design workshop and we are wondering about a few things. 

1. How does it display? 

2. What will its function be? 

3. Will the entries be linear and structured or organic and emergent? 

The idea that we are starting with is that this is a place for us to model sharing our process and thoughts. We know that any shift in teaching style can be tricky, messy and sometimes feel icky so we are putting ourselves in this space of creativity too. I am totally excited to see how this evolves. I tend to have a big picture in my mind, then allow for flow. How might others react to that? 

We are hoping that participants will join our conversations :) 

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To be is to do. Sartre

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