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Anyone in the world

This year, as opposed to the Summer of 06, I seem to have moved from being a Guaradian to an Idealist which I can live with as the Idealist category includes Healers, Counsellors and Teachers!  I was a bit distressed to see that I had a strong \"Judging\" component, which I took to mean I was judgmental
\"sad\" but which, it turns out, just means that I \"show a preference for living a planned and organized life\" as opposed to a \"spontaneous and flexible\" one.  I can live with that.

Part of the reason for the move might be  because I refused to answer even more questions than last year, refused because some of the questions set up non-existent dichotomies. For example:

16. Children often do not:
  • make themselves useful enough
  • exercise their fantasy enough
Other questions set up choices that would not call for a consistent answer.  For example:

#30   You are more inclined to experiment than to follow familiar approaches

An accurate answer would have required context.  In many cases, if there is an opportunity to try something a new way I’ll opt for that (in particular, when working with computers, or as an elementary school teacher.)  On the other hand - or perhaps at a different level - there are  times when it seems imperative to follow a familiar approach such as when using power tools.


On this one I came out as a Counselor Idealist, the same as last year, and in line with the assessmente above.  When I read the descriptors of what it means to be this type, I found them to be remarkably accurate.   Then I wondered if this might not be because what was being described were generic traits that everyone might share at different times not unlike the universal traits described in horoscopes.  The more I think about it, the more I think that is the case.