Blog entry by Russell MacMath

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Program Goal: Connect with other teachers in order, through self-reflection, to better understand myself and my practice.

  • Part of __  __’s autobiography resonated particularly strongly with me, and we discussed it on Friday, the notion of  being frustrated with my/our impatience, the students being frustrated with my/our impatience, and the sense this might have been less so when we were just starting out.   A few times in my career I have made it a personal goal to not get angry with the students.  The years after I consciously make that decision are inevitably years when I feel much less frustrated.  Not, I think, because much else has changed beyond my remembering how important, how necessary, it is for me to be patient.

Listening to some people talk about avoiding some technologies because of the potential they have to exclude some students, or be abused by some students,  helped me to clarify how I felt about each issue.

  • In the case of exclusion, I think I am (we are)  in the business of providing opportunities, not of limiting them.  Rather than avoiding a technology some students might not have equal access to, I think it is more important to focus on how we can provide better access. 
  • Rather than avoid a technology with the potential for abuse, I think it is more important to teach (and then expect, with concomittant consequences established)  responsible use.