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If you are a Gmail account on iPhone but unable to change the profile picture due to the file size issue or some issue with file format (png, .jpeg, .jpg), then you need to follow the appropriate steps. For fixing the particular trouble, the users need to implement the helpful steps to change the image correctly. You can take the help of the below-mentioned steps and get the best method for the same.

iPhone & iPad

These steps need to implement to change your picture in iPhone & iPad:

  • At the initial stage you need to visit from your phone’s browser.
  • After that you tap Edit which is next to your picture.
  • Now, on your image, tap Edit photo.
  • Next, you need to choose or can upload a photo.
  • Finally, you need to crop your photo, and then tap Done.


Directives to change the picture's visibility

  • First of all, you need to open Gmail on a computer system.
  • Now, in the top right, you just need to hit click Settings.
  • Lastly, in the "My Picture" category, choose a visibility option.


Android device

 Implement these steps to change the picture in your android device

  • At the initial stage, from your phone's browser, just visit
  • Then after simply tap Edit which is Next to your image.
  • Now, on your image, tap Edit photo.
  • Choose or you can upload a photo.
  • Last of all, simply crop your photo, and then tap Done.


Instructions for changing the picture's visibility

•        First, on a PC, you need to open Gmail account.

•        And in the top right, simply hit Settings Settings.

•        To end with, in the "My Picture" segment, choose a visibility choice.


After implementing these step, anyone who is emailing you or the person to whom you will be sending emails, can see your picture.

In case you are finding difficulty in implementing any of the steps, you need to quickly consult a Gmail technical. The professional are very helpful when it comes to offering the exceptional tech support solutions for an account at a reasonable rate. For comprehensive tech support solutions, you can contact Gmail cusotmer care support toll free number 24/7 and release yourself from any type of technical interruption while using an account. Depend on the firm today and enjoy hassle-free tech support solutions.

Anyone in the world

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Anyone in the world

Yahoo mail account is an amazing email service. Yahoo gives you quick and easy to access email service. You can use it in your computer or mobile device easily. When you experience any issue with your Yahoo account; you can get a solution with Yahoo’s brilliant help and support system. Yahoo’s help page is efficient enough to solve most of your queries; you can explore it here If you find a problem while signing into your account; you can take help from the Yahoo Sign-In Helper. You can get instant help from the Yahoo customer support expert by calling their toll-free number.

Anyone in the world

It becomes quite frustrating situation when your Android handset declines to install more app updates. The particular issue can be easily sorted out by quickly sweeping out downloads, clearing caches, and removing unneeded video files and music from your phone.

If you are unaware about the right procedure to clear Google Drive space from your phone, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to free Google Drive space and increase storage on phone:

  • First of all, you need to clear all the cached app data. The catches of data are basically junk files, and all can be rightly deleted to free up storage space. For this, you need to tap the Clear Cache button for taking out the trash. You need to tap Settings > Storage > Cached data, and then tap OK.
  • Next, you need to clean up the Downloads folder. Just open the app drawer on your phone and tap Downloads for seeing the useless folders. If you found anything that you don’t need, simply tap and keep on holding the file to choose it and tap the Trash button rightly.
  • Undoubtedly photos app has ability back up your complete photo library. If you feel that the photos are consuming much space on your phone, then you can delete the useless photo by implementing these steps.  For this, you need to first of all open the Photos app, and just tap the three-line “hamburger” button, next, tap Settings > Free up device storage. This manner, the photos app will inform you about the range of pictures that can be deleted from local storage, finally you need to tap OK.
  • Most importantly, you need to unload the app from your phone which is least important or not required by you.

These valuable steps will help you in trimming the space from your phone. In case you want to collect the additional suggestions about clearing Google Drive Space, you can dial Gmail customer service toll-free 1-800 phone number. The experts are always available on the phone number to assist you for the bulk number of issues and suggestions related to Google Drive space.

The professionals will give you the prompt response for the persistent problem related to the storage space in your android. So, without any hesitation, you need to immediately get linked with them and can make the best use of phone accurately. 

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by John Kerry - Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 12:52 PM
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If you are getting constant failure message whenever you try to connect to Hotmail, you should be facing some technical issues. It could be a problem due to server error of Hotmail. Such issues are expected to resolve automatically. If you cannot login even after trying after some time, you can assume that you have forgotten password of your Hotmail email account. It could be a problem with your internet connection too. In the worst case, it also signifies hacking issue. To get troubleshooting advices, you should dial Hotmail customer service number. You shall get step by step troubleshooting guidance over phone.

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If you are facing display issues with your quicken account, then immediately call us or do the necessary changes with the Windows account, fonts and resolution. For this you need to change the properties of Quickbooks. First you need to hover your mouse on the Quickbooks icon and then click on the right button of your mouse and then click Properties. Again, click on the Compatibility option. Check the box that is next to the Disable display. Now check if the problem is resolved. If not you can contact the Quickbooks customer care

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by Kelly Martina - Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 5:17 AM
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If you have ever undergone the agony of losing your Yahoo mail account to a hacker, you know what it is to protect your account from the hackers. Truly speaking, the issue of hacking still continues unabated, but you can surely protect your account from the hackers. The Yahoo experts have devised certain measures that can keep the hackers at bay. And, if you are not familiar with these measures, you can contact the Yahoo mail support engineers and get their support to activate these measures. It would not take much time in implementing these measures and you would not feel any kind of reluctance in accessing the Yahoo experts. 

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Known for providing prompt technical support to all the yahoo mail users, Yahoo Technical Support Team has always maintained the trust of the users. One of the salient aspects of the yahoo customer care is that it deploys only the qualified and experienced technicians as support experts. Also, these technicians are the real professionals. They know the significance of instant technical support in the web-world. And, it is for this reason that they remain active round the clock and render timely technical support to all the yahoo users. As a yahoo user, you needn’t worry about any technical issues as you can get the quick support for any technical issue.

Anyone in the world

Have you ever heard of an incident when a yahoo user contacted the yahoo technical support team and returned without getting the accurate support and solution? If you are an experienced yahoo mail user, you may find this question quite a ridiculous one. In fact, such things cannot be even imagined as far as yahoo support team is concerned. Embellished with all the required potentials to resolve each and every yahoo mail issue, the yahoo technical support engineers leave no issue unsolved. With the reputation of providing the most prominent support, the yahoo support team has won the heart of the yahoo users, and no any yahoo user will ever returned empty handed after contacting Customer support for Yahoo Mail team. 

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